My Sites and Where I Contribute

I write and manage several sites, and contribute on others, such as:

Freelance Projects, Articles, and Photography

I am available for freelance feature articles and occasional contributions, photography assignments and photo essays, as well as consultations, on the following subjects (I’m open to subjects not listed here, too). I sell stock photography through Getty Images and sell direct, too.

Contact me regarding a freelance project.

  • small business entrepreneurship and growing a business (especially digital strategy)
  • web 2.0, new media, emerging technologies, open source, and community-building
  • blogging, communication, personal branding, and networking strategy
  • technology how-to, tutorials, and practical explanations
  • recipe developer and in-depth feature articles about food culture and regional specialties in Italy and other parts of the world
  • Italy and Italian cuisine, culture, travel, and expat life
  • photography (still life, travel, food photography, street food, urban, culinary, portraits, weddings)

Some clips:

Advertisements, Copywriting and Translations

  • Bocconi University MBA Program “Empowering Talent” campaign – The Economist [Copywriting, Translation]
  • www.Galbani.co.uk [Copywriting]
  • Il Ponte sull’Adriatico – The Bridge on the Adriatic. [Translation, 150pp]

Popular Articles from my food and travel site, Ms. Adventures in Italy

Popular Articles from my business and technology site, When I Have Time

Contact me regarding a freelance project.